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Astronautica is Edrina Martinez, a singer/songwriter and electronic producer whose music captures the eclectic nature of Los Angeles’ experimental beat scene and its connections to different cultures around the globe. The L.A. native brings a playful sense of exploration to her sound, creating a unique style of lush electronica with elements of hip hop, indie, R&B, and EDM.

Learning to play guitar by ear at an early age, Astronautica soon began mixing her own samples and beats. The amateur producer was drawn into the L.A.’s underground musical community swirling around Low End Theory, and quickly became addicted to the burgeoning beat sounds of the West Coast.

Today, Astronautica has evolved from a full-fledged member of the movement to a pioneering producer who is leading the way. She has been signed to Alpha Pup Records for the last five years, and has launched a slew of widely acclaimed releases with the label: Replay Last Night (2013), Waikiki EP(2014), Gemini (2015), and Gemini Remixes (2018) Her latest album is Death Valley, which she wrote and recorded over the last three years at her home studio in Los Angeles.

Astronautica is an avid performer who plays and tours regularly, including an Ace Hotel residency, festival dates throughout the U.S, a mini-tour up the West Coast, and a month-long stint at Low End Theory. Traveling on a fruitful musical journey that has only just begun, Astronautica has established herself as one of L.A.’s most prominent and respected voices in the underground electronic community.